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Caroline Harroe Arts

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I am a traditional and digital artist working on and off the page. Stylistically diverse my work has traditionally originated within hyperrealism, but with each new day comes a new image, a new style, medium and palette. With each new experience or story comes a new wave of creativity with which to ride. And so I ride. I hope you find something in my work that you love.

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Crazy & Extravagant


I want the site to display my work ultimately, for the words to be secondary to the art, each piece linked back to where it can be purchased. It might be easier that each page adopts a colour scheme if a collection, but the best way of reviewing the colours to use is by knowing the collections

I chose the crazy and extravagant not because I want the extravagance of template colours but that I want the site to reflect in the colour scheme, the patterns and colours if the art.

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