Partnerships & Collaborations

New friends meet every day!

I am a resourceful woman; a determined and successful social entrepreneur, a compassionate friend and therapist, a diverse and eclectic artist and if that doesn’t tell you anything about me – I am alongside all of this, a home educating mum of five kids (2 sets of twins).

Whether it be an art and design gig, a fresh exhibition, a mental health talk, a Twitter space or web3 mental health integration, I would love to chat with you.

I am unfamiliar with the word ‘no’ or ‘I can’t’ – replacing this with ‘how’ ; and that’s what you can expect from me. A determination to get the job done well.

So whether you want a chat or have a collaboration proposal, please drop me a line. 

Here are some of the collaborations I am currently involved in: 

A curated gallery of independent artists The Angel’s Wing 

A curated gallery themed Women of Power

Mental Health Manager for Artsies Collective